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Livsbild – a digital collection of life stories 

On we collect and document life stories and photography’s from people with different disabilities and their relatives. We have also collected the history of different associations and organizations linked to people with disabilities. The stories give you an input how it can be living with impairment – today and yesterday. 

Livsbild shows a new way of collecting data. The life stories are collected through the internet – and therefore, at the same time, they become available for people to read. You can send in a written story, you can send a video if you use sign language, or you can tell the story over the telephone. All stories are published in their original form but are translated and written down before they are published on the website. You can choose if you want to have your name posted on Livsbild, or be anonymous.

The life stories are saved in the archive at Nordiska museet. If you don’t want your story to be published on the web page you are more than welcome to send it in solely for the purpose of saving it in the archive.

Through the archive is filled with cultural stories of everyday life, living conditions, and how the society works for people with impairment. We want to shine light on the life of disabled people in every day history. Living situations, education, work and family life – all types of stories tells us about the living conditions for people with disabilities.

Livsbild is a part of the three year long project Handikapphistoria i kulturarvet (the disability history in the cultural heritage) HAIKU. HAIKU is a collaboration between Handikapphistoriska föreningen (Disability History Association) and Nordiska museet (the Nordic Museum).

Livsbild will be open until March 31st 2013.


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