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Terms and conditions for the Livsbild collection

Your story is important to Nordiska museet. The museum is collecting life stories and photographs from people in Sweden with disabilities, their relatives, and associations and organisations. All the material will be stored in Nordiska museet’s archive and if you are willing for your story to be shared online, we will also publish it on the website By sharing your experience with us, you are helping Nordiska museet to spread awareness of what it is like living with impairment today. The stories will also be preserved for the future.

Publication conditions

There are some conditions that you need to agree to before we can accept your story:

The story must be your own, not anyone else’s. By accepting this condition, you are guaranteeing that you are the copyright holder to your story. If you are sending in the story of someone who finds it difficult to write or speak for themselves, you must state that you are their representative.

If you are under 18, we need the consent of your parent or guardian. Please give us their contact details when you send in your story.

Nordiska museet will store texts, images, sound and video in the museum’s archive. Nordiska museet gains full rights to use your story in other contexts – in research, in printed materials and in exhibitions. The museum may also use text, images, sound and video on its website and in other internet channels, such as Facebook, Flickr, Twitter and YouTube. All the material collected will be accessible by researchers and the general public.

Stories and photographs that you send in will also be published on Separate approval from you is required for this. The website is open for everyone who wants to read your story and it may be the case that other people will quote what you have written.

Nordiska museet decides what will be published and we will remove information which insults or exposes other people. We will contact you if we think something should be changed.

Personal data

Your first name and surname will be published at You can be anonymous if you prefer, but the people who run the collection need to know your name, where you live, your age and how we can contact you.

Nordiska museet saves all the details you entered when you sent in your story. Your personal data may be entered in an internal database. Nordiska museet gives out names and contact details to people who want to look at the material for the purposes of research. Nordiska museet undertakes to handle personal data in accordance with the Swedish Personal Data Act (Personuppgiftslagen, PuL).

If you have given personal data to Nordiska museet, you have the right to see this data. Nordiska museet undertakes to correct information which is inaccurate, incomplete or misleading on the request of the person who submitted the information.  

When commenting or entering into discussion on Livsbild

You are personally responsible for your comments. Nordiska museet checks comments after they are submitted – unlike the life stories, which we check before they are published – and we will remove comments that contravene Swedish law or our rules.

If you think that particular people have mistreated you, describe what happened to you but do not name the person who mistreated you. Do not swear. Do not link to pages with pornographic, sexist or racist content. Do not submit advertising.



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